Mission Bush Pilot and Nurse

After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessings amongst the debris

It is with fascination that we watch and see how our Lord provides for His children.  This month when we went to "food for the poor", there were no food items. The budgets at our schools are really stretched right now and we were hoping and praying at least for some more beans.  Remember how God provided beans last month? Well this month He tried out a new way on us.  Saturday evening we took a new volunteer family that had just arrived in the country, out to the seawall to watch the sunset over the beach where a large river enters the Atlantic Ocean.  We drove out on an old dirt road with trash dumped along the sides. When it got too bad, we parked , and walked  the rest of the way.  Just a few feet from where we parked, I spotted this large pile of kidney beans dumped on top of trash.

Checking it out further, I found 2 one hundred pound bags below it full of dried pinto beans with a couple of holes in them.  It had rained several times during the day, and there were mud puddles on the road. The beans were dry! We loaded up the 2 full bags into the van being careful to no spill too many out of the holes in the bags. Then we scoured the van for anything to put the 100 pounds of spilled beans into. We emptied boxes and bags and filled them with the beans that had been spilled on the ground among the other debris.  We got about 3/4 of them before running out of containers. 

So we came home last night rejoicing that the Lord had  provided beans again for the schools!! They were the "pearls among the swine".  These are seconds that someone had gotten from "food for the poor" and didn't want them.  We are happy to have them and many student meals will now have beans again!

The plane is back in the air after some major work on the engine.  We are trying to do catch up work after being grounded for almost 3 weeks.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Flying with Angels!

Yesterday I was flying with David Gates along the border with Venezuela 200 miles from home, when the oil temperature on the plane nearly red lined and the engine started running very rough. We said extra prayers and started looking for some place to land in the dense jungle. We we able to get the oil temp to start cooling after a few adjustments. When it got to normal range after many long intense minutes, the engine started runing smoother.  We headed back to our original destination and landed safely, still 150 miles from home. We took the engine cover off and inspected all we could. We added more oil (it was not low) and then I left for home solo as David had his own plane to fly back and it was getting late in the day. The plane flew fine the rest of the way home and the weather was good on the flight path home, but stormy on both sides.  My prayer was for the engine to function well, weather to be good as I was already very stressed, and that I could get home before the sunset as that is the law here. All 3 requests were granted by my Heavenly Father!! Today I went and checked the spark plugs and did a compression check. One cylinder out of 4 had a compression of 38 and the others were all 70+.  We have a mechanic coming down next week to do some other work,  I sent him an email this afternoon, and he said he has a cylinder sitting on the shelf and will bring it this coming week to replace this one. Hope to be in the air again before the week is over so that we can get supplies out that will be running short by then. This is why I ask my angel to fly with me every day. Too many things can happen and I need them to keep me in the air.
I'm so grateful to be home and have the plane here where the repairs can be made and a mechanic was already planing to come next week. God is Faithful!!