Mission Bush Pilot and Nurse

After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dome over Kopinang

Greetings from the warm south,
When it rains here, it pours, not only in the form of water, but also in work!  I have flown 8 of the last 9 days!  That's  about 35 hours  in the air.  We have also had volunteers staying at the house part of that time. The other day, I was flying into a village called Kopinang.  It is on the other side of the country and near the Brazil border.  I was flying in a pastor and a  patient returning home .  The weather was OK in Georgetown when we left, but as we neared the mountains, it became all clouds.  We were flying in clouds as we approached the village--that is located in a valley with high mountains on the right, lower ones on the left and far side. I had to maintain altitude to avoid them but needed to get down so I could try to get under the clouds. There was another aircraft ahead of me going to another airstrip a couple of miles to the left of my destination. He radioed as I approached and said he had just barely gotten in and the clouds were down to the trees in the area I was going.  He said I would need to go past the village and land at another village further away. The pastor was getting very concerned as we could see nothing but white clouds.  My GPS said I was almost over the village. About one mile from the airstrip, the clouds parted and there was this dome--a clear view of the village and airstrip. The clouds all around were down to the trees. I radioed that I was landing, and the other pilot said, "How is that possible?" I told him that we had a dome over the village with no clouds. The pastor suddenly looked very relieved, I reminded him that when we fly for the Lord, the outcome is His responsibility and He has opened a pathway through the storms many times for me. I told him that he had now witnessed it for himself.

Toni helped teach a CPR class at the hospital as well as feed, house, shop, and play tour guide for the volunteers staying at our house. She has been very busy, too.

Today I was able to fly a family into a village so they could bury their family member, who passed away yesterday.  Then, I  took a patient who needed a dentist really bad,where he could get help.  I then returned and took a pastor to another village for a baptism. As we were leaving, they asked us to come visit and pray for a very sick young woman who the doctors have not been able to help for the last 3 years. She was in a hammock in a house with a dirt floor, bark walls and flattened oil drums for a roof. It was hot and humid and she was not looking well. The pastor visited with her a few minutes, then we prayed for her asking God to heal her if it was His will. They were very happy to have us come pray for them. Now we will see how God answers those prayers.

We have a strong lead on a Cessna 182 that the Lord may be opening the doors for. We have a couple of airplane mechanics that are willing to help do the modifications it would need to become a "bush" plane.  We are seeking the Lord's will in getting the right plane and equipment to make it safe and efficient for His work here.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  God is blessing in a great way and we are happy to be a small part of the Lord's army. We flew over 550 hours last year and our maintenance bills were twice the fuel bills--thanks to the cost of the new engine , but you and God have made it all happen.  Thank you for being part of the team