Mission Bush Pilot and Nurse

After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today Gary got started on cutting and welding the metal up for our new airplane hanger for PNG. He is welding up the post and trusses so that they will fit in our container to ship to PNG. When it all arrives we will be able to assemble with bolts and very little welding.  That is important when there is no electricity available outside of a small generator we are taking.  We have also been given a small welder to take along that we can use to attach some pieces that can't be welded here. It is a big project but we are happy to be moving closer to our goal.  This will provide shade and protection for the aircraft and a place to work on it out of the rain.  The hanger is 54x50 and then has eves that are an additional 12 ft so we can put the container under roof and also make a place to store the fuel drums and keep them locked up. We are so grateful for the donations that have made this part possible.  We will purchase the roofing when we get down there and have the funds to do so.

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