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After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tragedy in the Jungle

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that we write this update for you. Last Monday, Nov 26 our former student, good friend, and fellow missionary, John Lello, was killed while cutting trees in Papua New Guinea.  He was 46 and leaves a lovely wife Pam, and two young daughters. There were working as volunteers in PNG since March of this year trying to help a remote village in the Sepik Delta of PNG.  If you will look back on our blog site to a post (an email we sent out) in Sept. you will see a copy of a letter John sent us asking us to come to PNG quickly as there is so much work to do and so great a need. Two weeks ago, while I was in Idaho picking up the airplane, I received a phone call from John via his sat. phone in the bush asking us to please come quickly and he was trying to help get things lined up for us on that end so it would be easier for us to get the necessary permissions and support. He was doing his best to help make if possible for us to come.  He said it would be such a huge blessing if we would take our little plane and make a circuit to as many of the remote villages as possible, to do medical clinics on a regular basis. These are villages that very rarely, if ever, see a health worker of any kind.  Toni is very excited about being involved in this. John was hoping to help with this as well, and also to tend to spiritual needs of the villages.  Now he is resting until the Lord calls him forth on the resurrection morning. Why his life ended so soon, after being there such a short time, we will have to wait until heaven to find out. We are looking forward to seeing John in heaven and being able to fly with him there. Pam and the girls will be returning to the USA after they complete saying their good byes this week.  Our hearts and prayers go out to them during this painful time.
John and his family came to do a water system project in a remote village (Paruima) in Guyana while we were there. They stayed at our house upon arrival and when they departed.  I got to fly them in and out, and flew in many of the supplies that they needed to put in the water system.  The whole family was involved and in the evenings after dark, John would give Bible studies to those who were interested.  This is a true volunteer missionary family.  The price of missions can be very high, but the reward that is awaiting the faithful, is out of this world!  Rest in peace my brother John.

www.forevermissed.com/johnlello/#about  Here is the url for more info on John's death.

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