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After spending three years in Guyana, South America, we have now moved to Bewani, 50 Km south of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. We have started a new humanitarian aviation ministry here. In visiting with health officials and church people here, the need for an aviation program to reach into remote villages became very apparent. We are taking health workers and medicines/vaccines, into remote village airstrips and bringing out critically ill patients to the hospital. We also fly in educational materials for schools, as well as take in Bible workers. Toni is helping with the medical end of things, while Gary takes care of the flying part. We have several local lay missionaries we sponsor and we do ground transport for patients as well. We are volunteers here to serve our God and the unreached people of Papua New Guinea. We have a great need for more people to join in this effort.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Written by our volunteer Julie

> Testimony for GYC ambassador Facebook page:
> One of the last frontiers, the land of the unexpected, the land of 800+ different languages, and a land steeped in sorcery. Papua New Guinea has been known for many different things and definitely qualifies as one of the uttermost parts of the earth. The exciting thing is, that God is alive and well here in Papua New Guinea, and I get to be a part of it! While there is great darkness, there is also a great light starting to shine. Wings of Hope PNG is helping spread that light in this forgotten corner of the country, and God has truly been working. I can say truthfully that every day I see another way God has lead, or blessed. I get to walk hand and hand with my Creator!
> So what are we doing? Well, every day is a different sort of varied experience. For example, this past week I've helped deliver a baby on the way into the hospital, in the middle of the night, on top of a mountain pass. I also have helped work in the local government health clinic where I've been able to witness to my fellow nurses. This morning we flew a missionary and his family out to work in a remote area, delivered literature and sabbath school supplies to another village out in the jungle. We also just got things started to get something called Godpods for the people here. Godpods are wonderful little devices that are solar powered and contain the entire bible, sabbath school lessons for kids, bible studies, and steps to Christ in the national language. A large part of the population here is illiterate so this way of spreading the word of God is ground breaking! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to give something that will continue to give to the people here. Only about 33% of the population here is even close to a road, so those Godpods are going to be taking Jesus and his love to the remote places in the jungle! Sabbaths are always incredibly busy but they also are a blessing. The last couple of weekends we have been taking a video of Jesus based on the gospel of Luke to different villages. We use a car battery to power the projector to show the movie on a table cloth strung up on a building or even a logging truck. (Power here only comes through solar panels and generators). Last weekend we went to one of the local logging camps, and with one of the churches we did a vespers program. At least 200 people showed up to hear about Jesus and they are crying out for us to come again! We also have been doing health talks on very basic things, and the people here are quite receptive. So neat to be able to give a little bit of hope and health to the people in this area.
> The things that God does are wonderful, like opening up the clouds so we can land on a piece of airstrip in stormy weather, or the local villagers giving us fresh fruit just when we need it most, a contact with a person that got me in touch with a place where I could get Godpods, and sunny days when we need the solar power! In the end God is alive and well. He wants to walk with each one of us moment by moment. I'm thankful to be here and to be used by Him! The favorite song around here is "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations;and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14). Won't that be a wonderful day! Hope to see you all there, soon!
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